Lilykai Kodel, Ratik Ranger


Horde War and Mage background

Game notes update:

I didn’t want to ruin the flow of the last chapter so I thought I’d fill in these details in an intermission from our intrepid Ranger.

The Horde War. When my GM presented me with the description of Griff Mt. Garrison he included that little bit I mentioned about the Ratik Horde War. But I hadn’t been told the background story about the war yet. He filled me in after the session.

The goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, etc., were in the realm fighting and raiding just like they do in the countries and lands that border Ratik. The King and military generals had enough of it and started a systematic purge of the horde monsters from their country. They amassed their troops in the south, routing out all the creatures, their villages and camps, all of them, from the south to the north. They essentially pushed out all the horde creatures to beyond their borders. This happened 2 generations ago. So, Lilykai is part of the first generation to have never had to fight, be at war, with any horde creatures. Baron Mordecai, her parents, her Uncle Eldiss, Martume and the current King are the generation that were younger (her age) when the horde were finally routed out of Ratik. So they were most likely in on the last of war, if at all. In the North, most household’s (the Red Hawk Meadow ones for example) have veterans of that war living there. Which is why most of them are also well armed. In the Ranger and Military academies, most battle and tactics are taught against a horde army example. So even though the current generation has not encountered or fought horde monsters (for the most part, with a few exceptions) they are well trained in fighting those particular enemies and have a lot of knowledge about them. Most of Lily’s generation, have never faced a horde monster in person. So, as a green Ranger on her first run, what you’ve seen her fight is the only thing she’s ever fought. Those goblins she killed raiding the Artus farm….first ones she’s ever encountered.

The Royal Observer. I (the player) had no idea who this guy is. I am told by GM that Lily has heard of the position, but doesn’t know anything specifically about him. Magic and Mages are rare, rare, rare in this country. But she does have a full elf father who came here from the old country so she is aware of Mages and what they are about. Her knowledge is from what her father has taught her, and he has taught her more about what magic is and can do than most citizens of Ratik know their whole lives. As a result her knowledge of “slinging” (Ranger slang for throwing spells) and magic has prepared her to not be surprised or scared when confronted with it. She is not superstitious or suspicious of magic users and Martume. But there are lots and lots of others in the land that are. So me, the player, knows a Mage when she sees one. But Lily, while aware that they exist, hasn’t met one…until now. I do my best to not metagame the girl and just have her explore on her own what Martume is all about. So don’t think of poor Lilykai as ignorant of Mages, just realize that they don’t roam around here in Ratik. Martume will be the first one she’s seen in public.
And think about it, if you lived in a land with low low magic (items, people, things) you would probably keep whatever you can do on the down low yourself. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention.


Does he weigh the same as a duck?


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