The Rangers of Ratik were a secretive bunch. While their presence was known throughout the kingdom, after all they were entrusted to uphold the laws of Ratik, their adventures and specific activities were rarely documented or discussed other than the stories they might’ve shared while along their run and the official documents to their headquarters which to this day are never released.

Upon her death, the Baroness Niyil of the Southern District released these journals that belonged to her ancestor Lilykai Kodel. The Ranger Kodel, as Lilykai was referred to in many historic texts, has remained an enigma for Ratik historians. Part hero, part villain, part legend, her story seems to change based on the storyteller. Perhaps this is the reason the Baroness chose to release her family’s only remaining artifacts pertaining to its famous (or infamous) member.

Her story, her journal, begins on the very first encounter of her inaugural run.

Lilykai Kodel, Ratik Ranger

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